What is an Exflorateur?

L’exflorateur® is a semi-nomad. He wanders around nature guided by his desire to discover and to encounter Mother Nature.  He takes time to observe what others do not see. He perceives what you do not feel. He is a botanical explorer. He has acquired all this from his travels, expeditions and his life in primary forests.

Hair in the wind, l’exflorateur® moves forward. With his senses fully awakened, he awaits a sign from Nature. He has to be in unison with Her in order to capture Her message. If he is active today, it is because the conditions are perfect: a beautiful sunny day, a breeze of tranquility in his mind, both essential elements to engage with Her. Her approach, filled with shamanism, announces a meeting that must not be missed. Nothing is left to coincidence. All the necessary tools, either found at flea markets or borrowed from surgeons or even self-made, have been placed in his backpack : invisible string and light glue whose secret only he is aware of… A nomad’s atelier which he can install anywhere, based on feeling and instinct, in the midst of welcoming countryside. Only then can the dialogue commence with the one who will guide him to create a unique vegetal work of art.

The Demoiselles of the Domaine de Certes

Picked in the preserved natural area belonging to the Conservatoire du littoral.

The talent of the exflorateur® is his capacity to rediscover a natural environment which looks normal to everyone and give it a new slant. He can just as well venture into vineyards and pick up the fruit of his work. It is from carefully selected twisted prunings that the metamorphosis takes place. Just like Champollion, he attempts to encrypt the message. Except that his own “hieroglyphs” are called Vinoglyphes®.

When others see life in “macro”, François Maurisse sees it in “micro”. From the sky, one can perceive the exflorateur®, a minute black dot in the midst of green immensity, carefully stepping over wild grass in order not to crush or tread on his treasures, stopping, observing, discussing, leaning over, performing the august gesture of the picker by cutting the stem at the end of which one of the most beautiful flowers of creation has burst into bloom (Chickweed flowers, Violets, Hollyhock, Arum, Anthurium flowers…). Dandelions, grasses, moss or other herbaceous plants come together to form these pastoral fireworks.

The first cut of the scissors launches the hourglass and so, the countdown begins. The leaves and flowers whither. Signs of age and scars of time appear slowly. The harvest has to be saved and the creative pulse is released. And that’s why the skill and personal touch of the exflorateur® are unique. L’Exfloration®, results from a number of combined perfectly executed techniques : photography, ephemeral art, vegetal sculpture, lighting, colours, the ultimate instant… A graphic art in 3D crafted and developed to the last millimetre in terms of accuracy and a source of inspiration to everyone.

It’s a kind of druidic experience ! The particularity of the approach of the exflorateur® is that he doesn’t owe anything to anyone, be it a king, or a prince of any remote country, or any scholarly museum.. apart from Mother Nature, to whom he has promised to return and start over again.

« The exflorateur® is an adventurer and a vegetal artist, a floral designer, a witness of beauty which immerses anonymously with the sole purpose of creating, in the middle of nature. No tolls, no borders..the roads are clear and free! He has only set himself one limitation : as soon as he has returned from his adventure, like a travelling botanist back from a long expedition, he delivers and makes accessible to everyone the message that Mother Nature has confided in him and which he is the only witness of. He knows that he is only temporarily passing through. His works of art are all about the continuity of his dialogue with nature. He doesn’t cheat, he knows that She alone is the Instigator, and he is only the passer-by. He is conscious that his privileged relationship with Her is fragile and can stop from one moment to another. »(Author : Simone A.Disso)

NB : Under the trade names that have been filed (Exflorateur®, Exfloration®), the visual artist has created two collections of creatures derived from the vegetal world, one from flowers and leaves ((les Herbettes), and the other from specially selected prunings in vineyards (les Vinoglyphes). As far as Les Herbettes are concerned, rumour has it that they are a new type of vegetal “haute couture”.