Les Herbettes (en)

It is with my eyes and through the choice of my local picking when the magic starts. I feel like I am guided, I sculpt in the instantaneous moment and freeze a timeless vegetal work of art, resembling a person I may have met in my past or a character out of some fairy tale who would only need bringing to life with a few drops of rain… Magic herbs? No, just ephemeral art.

The little figurine is an instance which nature grants me.  Just one simple sheet of white paper as a backdrop and then it’s the encounter that counts.

I am no longer myself, time is of essence, it’s all about that instant, as my figure’s life duration is brief, quick, and then light falls, and it is time to freeze the scene and sublimate this metamorphosis.

Once this moment is foregone, I no longer own it, nature reclaims its property and it’s time to free it again.

After a few instances of contemplation, I feel like a very privileged messenger for having been the only one to have witnessed this transformation, and for being able to realize these exceptional moments through these works of art.

The Demoiselles of the Domaine de Certes

Picked in the preserved natural area belonging to the Conservatoire du littoral.

Definition of Les Herbettes: emerging from a new type of art which is neither painting nor sculpture, Les Herbettes are original creations that cannot be categorized as any particular or specific artistic genre. Vegetal creation, floral painting, contemporary work of art? In fact, the artist’s work successively goes through various stages of development... an inspired and attentive picking, a floral composition in the heart of nature, different camera takes in natural light, followed by a reproduction of the final work of art on canvas, thanks to the high definition process of Digigraphie.

These unique vegetal artistic creations then become timeless and highly sensitive works of modern art, inspired by their creator, François Maurisse, Mother Nature’s visual artist and a designer of vegetal ‘haute couture’...